Flora and Fauna

Species to discover!

The Tomifobia Nature Trail has an abundance of wildlife and flora to be discovered. Birdwatchers in particular flock to the trail to observe the 140+ species of birds found along the trail!

The trail is also home to three species of turtles, the snapping turtle, the painted turtle, and the woodland turtle. The turtles inhabit the banks of the Tomifobia River and ponds, and can sometimes be seen on the trail.

DANGER ! If you see a turtle, leave them in peace and do not try to touch them. They are incredibly fast and will bite if bothered. The jaws are very powerful and can easily cut a finger.

Deer, raccoons, foxes, grass snakes, field mice are some of the more common visitors to the trail. The quieter you are, the more you will see!

An extensive list of the flora and fauna found on the trail has been compiled in a separate PDF document, see button below.